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PEPS-III EPROM Simulator is a tool for designing control software ("firmware") for micro- and mono-board computers respectively. During that process the PEPS-III (Programmable EPROM-Simulator) is plugged into the EPROM socket of the target system, takes over the EPROM's functions and allows the user to quickly test software, as one would with a CPU emulator . Some RAM types can also be simulated with the PEPS-III, allowing the working storage area of the micro- or mono-board computer to be read into the the PC. In this manner a post mortem debugging can be performed.

EPROM Simulator
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  • Works on every IBM compatible PC system

  • Software for use under DOS or WINDOWS 3.1 / 95

  • Simulation of RAMs / EPROMs from all manufacturers

  • Integrated lithium battery for power down data saving

  • Supports memory chips up to 512 kByte capacity.

PEPS-III is loaded with the program to be tested from an IBM-compatible PC via the printer port. As only the EPROM is being simulated, identifying the type of CPU being loaded is not an issue for the PEPS-III. The software supports systems with 8 Bit, 16 Bit as well as 32 Bit data bus. Up two 4 PEPS-III units can be used on one PC printer port

Data transmission is very fast. Up to 64000 bytes / sec can be transferred into the PEPS-III. During data transmission and during testing the PEPS-III remains linked to the PC. Data is not lost even after switching off the system or disconnecting the cable. Power supply is effected through the target system; amperage is only about a third of that of the EPROM to be simulated.

PEPS-III does have a reset output with a connector. This output will be held to GND during data transmission. In simulation mode, the output is in high impedance state and is tied on VCC with an internal resistor. The software supports a debug mode outputting pulse chains via the reset output to test the start-up behavior of the target system.

Supported EPROM devices (all manufacturers, NMOS or CMOS):

2716 / 2732 / 2764 / 27128 / 27256 / 27512 /27513 / 27010 / 27011 / 271001 27100 / 27020 / 27200 / 272001 / 27040 / 27400 / 274001

What you get:

  • PEPS-III Simulator with DIL-32 target connector

  • Cable for PC Printer port

  • Software for DOS

System Requirements:

  • 386er with 33 MHZ Clock frequency or better

  • 640 kB RAM

  • 0,5 MB free on a hard drive

  • DOS version 3.11 or higher (or WINDOWS 3.1 / 95 in a DOS shell)

  • Disk drive 1,44 MB

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