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405-V1 Velocity Stick

405-V1 Velocity Stick Meter with swivel head.
Velocity measurement stick, with channel holder, incl. fixing clip, battery.
testo 405-V1 is the first thermal anemometer in this price range which can measure air velocity, volume flow
and temperature.

 Velocity Stick. Air velocity monitor.
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405-V1 Velocity Stick

Model  Description  Price 
0560 4053  405-V1 Thermo-Anemometer (metric only) 189.00 
Storage temperature  -20 to +70 °C 
Operating temperature  0 to +50 °C 
Probe type Hot Wire   
Meas. Range  0 to +10 m/s 
Accuracy  ±(0.1 m/s ±5% of mv) (0 to +2 m/s)
±(0.3 m/s ±5% of mv) (+2.1 to +10 m/s) 
Resolution  0.01 m/s 
Probe type NTC   
Meas. range  -20 to +50 °C 
Resolution  0.1 °C