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815 Class 3 Sound Level Meter
816 Class 2 Sound Level Meter
The Testo 815 and Testo 816 are portable instruments for accurate sound level measurement. 
The Testo 816 is the same as the 815 except it has a greater accuracy.

Sound Level Meter


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The Testo 815 Testo816 provides an accurate and low cost measurement of sound.
Features include:

  • attachable microphone to avoid measuring errors

  • digital suppression of noise enables accurate measurements at low sound levels

  • calibration via keyboard 

Technical data - Instrument  
Input accurate condenser microphone, 1/2 inch
Total measuring range 30 to 130 dB(A)
50 to 85 dB(A)
70 to 105 dB(A)
90 to 130 dB(A)
Time settings  
FAST 125 ms
SLOW 1 s


1.5 dB(A) Class 2 corresponds with OSHA specs and DIN/JEC 651 3L


1 dB
Pressure drift -0.008 dB/mbar
Resolution 0.1 dB(A)
Display LCD
Battery life 15 h (alkali-manganese)
Operating temperature 0 C to +40 C (32 F to +104 F)
Storage/transport temperature -20 C to +40 C (-4 F to +104 F)
Housing material ABS


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