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PRT Platinum Resistance Reference Thermometer. Temperature Standard.
Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT's) for use in every application from standards calibration to site temperature measurement.
If our 'off the shelf' range will not suit your needs we are able to supply custom manufactured thermometers to almost any specification.
Thermometers can be supplied calibrated or uncalibrated.
Calibration is normally carried out in laboratory which is registered under the United Kingdom NAMAS scheme.
However calibration can be arranged to suit your particular needs.

PRT Thermometer

Model  Description 
PRT T100  Platinum Resistance Reference Thermometer.

The cells now offered have been increased in purity and length to conform to the requirements of optimal realizations except that we have sealed in 1 atmosphere of 6N pure argon at the freeze temperature for you.

Sealed optimal realizations of ITS-90 are made from metal exceeding 6N5 purity and have a useable depth below the metal surface of more than 200mm.
They come complete with Inconel basket, a carry case and the necessary heat shunts and reflectors to enable them to fit into our apparatus.

Model Range °C Nominal
 at  0°C
Alpha 0,100
Diameter Plug
T100 -250-1D -196 to +250 100 0.00385 14 1/4" DIN Plug
T100 -250-1L -196 to +250 100 0.00385 14 1/4" Lemo Plug
T100 -250-1S -196 to +250 100 0.00385 14 1/4" Smart Plug
T100-450-1D -196 to +450 100 0.00385 14 1/4" DIN Plug
T100-450-1L -196 to +450 100 0.00385 14 1/4" Lemo Plug
T100-450-1S -196 to +450 100 0.00390 14 1/4" Smart Plug
T100-660-1D -196 to +670 100 0.003916 15 1/4" DIN Plug
T100-660-1L -196 to +670 100 0.00385 15 1/4" Lemo Plug
T100-660-1S -196 to +670 100 0.003925 15 1/4" Smart Plug