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The M2000A Bench Calibrator Laboratory Standard has user friendly control functions with direct keyboard
and scroll capability for data entry.
It can also be operated through an RS232, or optional IEEE interface for automated testing.
The M2000A Bench Calibrator is compatible and works with Fluke Met/Cal automated calibration software.
The M2000A voltage current calibrator was designed to calibrate and test a very wide range of electrical devices.

M2000A Bench Laboratory Calibrator

Model  Description 
M2000A  High Accuracy Laboratory Calibrator / Standard with IEEE-488 

Superior calibration accuracy
Direct keyboard entry or cursor entry with decade control
Automatic standby function protects device under test
Nine (9) manual/automatic set points per output range
Tellurium-Copper binding posts reduce thermal EMFs to 1μV
Local or RS232 remote control
Optional IEEE-488 control available
Compatible with Fluke Met/Cal® software
Optional rack/panel mount kit available

The M2000A bench calibrator has the ability to store up to 9 set points for each output range.
The set points can be selected manually or automatically stepped at timed intervals.
The M2000A voltage current calibrator contains a standby/operated safety feature typically found in calibrators selling for considerably more than the M2000A.
This feature protects both the operator and the calibrator from potential overload conditions.
For superior calibration accuracy the M2000A voltage current calibrator features Tellurium copper binding posts reducing thermal emf's to less than 1 microvolt.

Bench Laboratory Calibrator
Output Voltage
Range 0 to 100.000 mV
0 to 1.00000 V
0 to 10.0000 V
0 to 100.000 V 
Output Current
Range 0 to 100.000 mA
Resolution 1 microA
Accuracy (% of reading) ±0.01% ± 2 microA
Maximum Burden 10 V 
0 to 100 mV Range 1microV
0 to 1 V Range 10 microV
0 to 10 V Range 100 microV
0 to 100 V Range 1 mV 
Warm-up Time 30 minutes to
rated accuracy
Temp Co. (≤18°C/>28°C) 10%
of accuracy spec/°C 
Accuracy (% of reading)
0 to 100 mV Range ±0.003% (30ppm) ± 3.0 microV
0 to 1 V Range ±0.003% (30ppm) ± 20.0 microV
0 to 10 V Range ±0.003% (30ppm) ± 200.0 microV
0 to 100 V Range ±0.003% (30ppm) ± 2.0 mV
Maximum Burden (≤ 1 Ohm output impedance)
0 to 100 mV Range 10 mA
0 to 1 V Range 10 mA
0 to 10 V Range 10 mA
0 to 100 V Range 1 mA 
Temperature Range
Operating 0°C to +50°C
Storage -20°C to +70°C
Power Requirements
Voltage range 90 to 240 VAC <15 VA
Dimensions 11.5" x 4.7" x 8.75"
(29.21 cm x 11.93 cm x 22.00cm)
Weight Approximately 5 pounds (2.27 kg)
Display 16 x 2 large character alphanumeric,
backlit LCD 
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