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The 922 Differential Thermometer. Dual channel thermometer T/C Type K, connection of an optional radio probe, with battery and calibration protocol. The differential thermometer records temperature values from 2 connected thermocouple probes and displays them simultaneously.
The reading from an additional temperature probe can also be wirelessly displayed in the testo 922 thermometer; i.e. measurement data is transmitted by radio. Differential temperature can be called up immediately. Current measurement data such as max/min data can be printed on the Testo printer on site.
It is possible to print measurement data once a minute, for example, on the printer if cyclical printing is in operation.

922 Industrial Thermometer

Model  Description 
05609221  922 Dual Channel Type K Thermometer
  Available Probes and Accessories
922 Differential Thermometer
Model  922 
Parameters  °C/°F 
Measuring range -50 to +1000 °C 
Resolution  0.1 °C (-50 to +199.9 °C)
1 °C (remaining range) 
Accuracy  ±(0.5 °C +0.3% of mv) (-40 to +900 °C)
±(0.7 °C +0.5% of mv) (remaining range) 
Operating Temp  -20 to +50°C 
Storage Temp  -40 to +70°C) 
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