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The DMC-1410 Documenting Calibrator fully documents any calibration easily while performing the normal job. No special software is required! It features the ability to test for pass/fail criteria, DMC-1410 Documenting calibrator measure and simulate thermocouples, RTDs, current, voltage, frequency and source pulse trains.
In addition, the built-in 250 Ohm resistor for HART compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs, full fuseless protection, and a serial communications port for full control with ASCII commands

DMC-1410 Documenting Calibrator

Model  Description 
DMC1410  Documenting Calibrator. 
include: test lead set, protective rubber boot, nylon canvas carrying case, DVD/CD based video training, printed instruction manual, USV support software, RS-232 cable, USB to serial adapter, and NIST calibration certificate.

Maintain calibration data for 50 instruments in non-volatile memory
Capture calibration data for 50 instruments with both AS FOUND and AS LEFT data
Print calibration certificates without PC
Measure and source T/Cs (13 types), RTDs (13 types), Ohms, current, voltage,
frequency; source pulse trains.
Isolated mA/V read-back circuit for complete transmitter calibration.
Pressure module communication port compatible with Fluke 700 Series, Mensor, and Martel
pressure modules.
Built-in 24 V supply can drive 4 to 20 mA loops up to 1000 Ohms.
Direct entry of custom RTD coefficients (RO, A, B, C).
All source modes can be programmed with dedicated set points to speed calibration and linearity
Highest accuracy in class to 0.01% of reading.
Meets CE requirements and is designed to IEC 1010 safety standards.
Fluke, Mensor, and Martel Pressure Modules.

A communications port compatible with pressure modules is provided, as is an isolated
mA/V read-back circuit.
Arrow keys, direct numeric keypad entry, and three software-driven function buttons,
plus a large backlit, menu-driven graphics display combine to provide a highly intuitive,
simple yet powerful operator interface.
Built-in 250 Ohm resistor for Hart™ compatibility, compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs,
full fuseless protection, and a serial communications port for full control with ASCII commands, are just
some of the additional features that make the DMC-1410 Documenting Multifunction Calibrator the single, most indispensable tool available for virtually any calibration task.
The DMC-1410 Documenting Calibrator is supplied in a tough, rubber boot; a carrying case is also available as an option.

DMC-1410 Documenting Calibrator Specification
Voltage Read and Source  Environmental 
Source  0.000 to 20.000 VDC  Operating Temperature   -10 °C to +50 °C 
Read  Storage Temperature   -20 °C to +70 °C 
Isolated  0.000 to 30.000 VDC  Stability  ±0.005% of reading/ °C
outside of 23 °C ±5 °C 
Non-isolated  0.000 to 20.000 VDC  Power Requirements  6 VDC  
Thermocouple mV  Batteries  4 x4 AA; alkaline or optional
Read and Source  -10.000 to +75.000 mV  Mechanical 
Current (mA)  Dimensions  8.7" H x 4.2" W x 2.3" D
(220.9 x 106.6 x 58.4 mm) 
Source  0.000 to 24.000 mA  Weight  30.5 ounces (863 grams) 
Read  Accessories Included  Test leads, 4 AA alkaline
batteries, NIST Certificate,
instruction manual 
Isolated  0.000 to 24.000 mA 
Non-isolated  0.000 to 24.000 mA  Optional Accessories  Carrying Case, Model CC572 
Frequency (1 to 20 V selectable amplitude)  Accuracy 
CPM Source and Read  2.0 to 600.0 CPM  Voltage ±0.01% of reading, ±2 mV 
Hz Source and Read  1.0 to 1000.0 Hz  Thermocouple mV   ±0.02% of reading, ±10 µV 
kHz Source and Read   1.0 to 10.00 kHz  Thermocouple Errors
(in °C; add 0.2 for Cold
Compensation error) 
Type J        0.2°C
Type K       0.3°C
Type T        0.2°C
Type E        0.2°C
Type R       1.2°C
Type S        1.2°C
Type B        1.2°C
Type C        0.6°C
Type XK      0.2°C
Type BP      0.9°C
Type L         0.2°C
Type U        0.25°C
Type N        0.4°C  
Pulse (Source only; 1 to 20 V selectable amplitude) 
Pulses  1 to 30,000.0
2 CPM to 10 kHz 
Source  5.0 to 4000 Ohms 
Read  0.00 to 4000.0 Ohms 
Thermocouple Read and Source 
J Thermocouple     -200.0 to +1200.0 °C
K Thermocouple    -200.0 to +1370.0 °C
T Thermocouple    -200.0 to +400.0 °C
E Thermocouple    -200.0 to +1000.0 °C
R Thermocouple      -20.0 to +1767.0 °C
S Thermocouple      -20.0 to +1767.0 °C
B Thermocouple   +600.0 to +1820.0 °C
C Thermocouple         0 to +2316.0 °C
XK Thermocouple  -200.0 to +800.0 °C
BP Thermocouple        0 to +2500.0 °C
L Thermocouple     -200.0 to +900.0 °C
U Thermocouple    -200.0 to +600.0 °C
N Thermocouple   - 200.0 to +1300.0 °C 
RTD Read and Source  Ni120 (672) 0.2 °C
Pt100 (385) 0.2 °C
Pt100 (3926) 0.2 °C
Pt100 (3916) 0.2 °C
Pt200 (385)0.8 °C
Pt500 (385)0.4 °C
Pt1000 (385) 0.2 °C
Cu10 1.4 °C
YSI400 0.1 °C
Cu50 0.4 °C
Cu100 0.3 °C
Pt385-10 1.4 °C
Pt385-50 0.4 °C
RTD Read and Source  Current (mA) 
Ni120 (672)       -80.0 to +260.0 °C
Pt100 (385)     -200.0 to +800.0 °C
Pt100 (3926)   -200.0 to +630.0 °C
Pt100 (3916)   -200.0 to +630.0 °C
Pt200 (385)     -200.0 to +630.0 °C
Pt500 (385)     -200.0 to +630.0 °C
Pt1000 (385)   -200.0 to +630.0 °C
Cu10                 -100.0 to +260.0 °C
YSI400              +15.00 to +50.00 °C
Cu50                     -180 to +200 °C
Cu100                   -180 to +200 °C
Pt385-10           -200 to +800.0 °C
Pt385-50           -200 to +800.0 °C 
Read ±0.01% of reading, ±2 µA 
Source  ±0.01% of reading, ±2 µA 
Ohms works with all pulsed transmitters down to
5 ms
400 Ohm Range 
Read  ±0.015% of reading,
Source  ±0.015% of reading,
4000 Ohm Range 
Read  ±0.015% of reading, ±0.3Ω 
Source  ±0.015% of reading, ±0.3Ω 
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