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Conductivity salinity meter

CC-502 Laboratory conductivity meter with printer.
CPC-502 pH conductivity salinity meter with printer.
Laboratory meters in benchtop housing, powered by 9V power adapter.
Measure conductivity, salinity, temperature, the CPC additionally measure pH and ORP (mV).
The CC- 502 and CPC-502 have built in thermal printer (60 mm).
Thanks a wide conductivity measuring range they may be used for both ultra pure water and thick salinity
measurements. Calibration by introducing the constant K in range 0.01 ÷ 19.999 or in sample solutions.
Storing of 3 constant K of cells which cover the whole measuring range. Wide range of a
coefficient (0 ÷ 10% / °C).

Conductivity meter with printer.

Model  Description 
CC-502   Laboratory conductivity meter with printer.
CPC-502  pH conductivity salinity meter with printer.

Counting the salinity according to real characteristics for NaCl and KCl, what greatly increases the accuracy.
Possibility of counting the TDS by introducing the right coefficient from 0.2 to 1.0.
Characteristics of the pH function in CPC models like in CP-502 pH meter.
Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
Clock with date. Internal data logger enables storing 200 measurements taken as series or single with
temperature, time and date.
RS-232 output for a PC and Centronics for standard printer.

Meter specifications
Function Conductivity Temperature pH, mV (CPC)
Range  0 ÷ 2000 mS/cm
-50 ÷ 199.9 °C  -2.000 ÷ 16.000 pH
±1000 mV 
Accuracy (±1 digit)  0.1 % >20 mS/cm
0.25 % 
±0.1 °C + probe's error*  ±0.002 pH ±0.1 mV 
Temp. compensation  -5 ÷ 70 °C  - 0 ÷ 110.0 °C 
K constant range  0.01 ÷ 19.999 cm-1   - -
Input impedance  - - 10Exp12 Ω 
Power  9V power adapter 
Temp. probe  Pt-1000 standard or accurate 
Dimensions (mm)  L = 200, W = 180 H = 20/50 
Weight  CC-501 300 g CPC-501 350 g 

* The total error of temperature measurement depends on the kind of used Pt 1000 probe.

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