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Dissolved oxygen meter

CO-411 Waterproof dissolved oxygen temperature meter.
Is used for measurement of dissolved oxygen in % or mg/l and temperature.
Enables entering the values of atmospheric pressure and salinity for automatic correction of their influence on the oxygen result.

Dissolved oxygen meter

Model  Description 
CO-411  Waterproof dissolved oxygen temperature meter.

Large LCD makes reading easier.
Separate temperature sensor enables measurements in range – 20 ÷199.9 °C (Pt-1000).
Automatic temperature compensation.
Easy maintenance.
2 kinds of power source 9V battery or power adapter make work in laboratory and field possible.
Auto switch off function.
24 months warranty.
Low price.

Meter specifications
Function O2  mg/l O2% °C
Range 0 ÷ 19.99 0 ÷ 199.9 -50.0 ÷ 199.9
Accuracy ( ±1 digit ) 0.2 mg/l 2%  0.8 °C
Temp. compensation 0 - 40 °C
Pressure range 800 – 1200 hPa
Salinity range 0 – 50 g
Dimensions (mm) L=149,  W=82, H=22

* The total error of the temperature measurements depends on the kind of used probe.

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