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Concentration (in mg/l) of dissolved Oxygen in liquids

CP-411 Waterproof pH meter.
Is used for pH and temperature measurements. Depending on the kind of connected electrode it may be
used for measurements of clean water, sewage or soil etc.
Two kinds of power source, battery or power adapter, enable working in the field or laboratory.
Calibration: 1 ¸ 3 points. Automatic buffer detection (4.00; 7.00; 9.00 pH).
Automatic Temperature Compensation.

Waterproof pH meter.

Model  Description 
CP-411  Waterproof pH meter..

Separate temperature sensor enables temperature measurements in range - 20 °C ¸ 199,9 °C.
„HOLD” function - freezes the result on the display.
Easy operating.
Long-lasting work on 1 battery.
Automatic switch off function to safe the battery.
Waterproof housing enables work in difficult conditions.
Small size and weight make working in the field easier.
24 months warranty for the meter and 12 for the electrodes.

CP-411 pH meter specifications
 Range  0 ÷ 14.00 pH
 Resolution  0.01 pH
 Accuracy  (±1 digit)  ±0.01 pH
 Input impedance  1012 Ω
 Temp. compensation  -5 ÷ 110 °C
 Temp. measuring range  -50 ÷ 199.9 °C
 Temperature probe  Pt-1000B
 Temperature accuracy*  ±0.8 °C (range 0 ÷ 100  °C)
 3 points calibration  pH: 4.00, 7.00, 9.00
 Weight  180 g
 Dimensions (mm)  L = 149, W = 82, H = 22
 Work time on 1 battery  700 hrs