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The DT-205L-S12 DT-207L-S12 Infrared Non-contact Tachometers incorporate laser technology and
user-friendly functions as our DT-205L/207L tachometers.
The DT-205L-S12and DT-207L-S12 laser tachometers provide exceptional accuracy in measuring
speed and length via 12" wheel; the larger wheel rotates more slowly than a standard 6" wheel,
enabling reliable and safe registration of high speeds.
These superior tachometers also feature a contact adapter, conveniently allowing both non-contact and contact rpm measurement.

DT-205L-S12 Infrared Non-Contact and Contact Tachometer

Model  Description 
DT-205L-S12  Tachometer (LCD) 12" cir. wheel  
DT-207L-S12  Tachometer (LED) 12" cir. wheel  
DT-205L Non-contact IR Tachometers
Model  DT-205L-S12 / DT-207L-S12 
Measuring Range  6 - 99,999 rpm 
Accuracy  ±1 rpm: 6 - 8,300 rpm / ±2 rpm: 8,301 - 25,000 rpm / ±0.006 % of
reading / ±1 digit (or 7 rpm max.): 25,001 - 99,999 rpm 
Display  5 digit 0.47" (12 mm) high LCD 5 digit 0.4" (10 mm) high LED 
Measuring Unit  rpm (using contact adapter, included) For rate: ypm, mPM, fpm, ipm
length: yd, m, ft, in, use 6" cir. wheel w/ 200L contact adapter 
Memory  13 readings stored in memory retained for 5 minutes
(last, max., min. and 10 extra measurements) 
Display Update Time  1 second (typical) 
Detection  Laser Diode 
System Control  Single-chip C-MOS microprocessor 
Over Range Indicator  Flashing numerals 
Voltage Requirement  2 AA / 1.5 V Batteries 
Battery Life  45-60 hrs approx. / 25 hrs approx. (DT-107A) 
Weight  0.9 pound (400g) 
Dimensions  7.2""L x 2.4""W x 1.8""H (182.5 mm x 60 mm x 46 mm) 
Standard Accessories  Reflective tape, 2 cone adapters, funnel adapter, 3 1/2"
Extension shaft carrying case, Master Wheel (12" cir.)
and 200L adapter.