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DATAIR-1500 1553 Data Bus Analyzer Reader. If you're working with 1553 then this little diagnostic tool is an absolute MUST! Just connect a free stub to one of the single or dual redundant triax connectors on the end of the hand held unit and instantly start to view valuable 1553 information on bus traffic, polling rates, non-responding RT's, low word counts etc., etc. And that's not all! Data is displayable in hexadecimal, binary and user definable engineering unit formats.

DATAIR-1500 1553 Data Analyzer

Model  Description 
DATAIR-1500/SR  1553-MIL-STD Data Analyzer. Single Bus Monitor.
DATAIR-1500/DR  1553 Data Analyzer. Dual redundant with bus detect

The DATAIR-1500 The Databus Analyzer is aimed at providing the user with an easy to use first line
diagnostic tool.
It allows the user to connect to an MIL-STD-1553B data bus and instantly view the Active RT's,
SA's Mode Codes and associated data words on the bus in real time - without having to set any
The Analyzer provides solutions to most analysis and diagnostic requirements when viewing a 1553 bus, without having the inconvenience of carrying a PC notebook around. Its use is analogous to
using a digital voltmeter for analogue applications.
The active RT, SA, Mode Codes and data words contained in a selected 1553 message are displayed
in a scrollable list format, which can be scrolled by use of the AND cursor buttons.

Once the flashing cursor is positioned over a selection of interest the center button (SELECT) is used
to make the selection.
Command and Status information for the selected RT/SA and T/R bit can be displayed which provides
valuable information on the health of the bus. *Information on alternate bus operation is also
available with this dual redundant analyzer indicating activity on Bus A or B. Information on the
repetition rate of the selected message is provided to a resolution of 1mS.

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