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905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

The 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer is a integral surface thermometer of professional quality at a low
The sprung-loaded wide thermocouple measuring head, type K, guarantees a very quick reaction time
and a high accuracy level by placing the probe flat on the uneven object to be measured (surfaces).
Super Quick Measurement, User Friendly, Pocket Sized, Low Cost, Auto Off Function

905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

Model  Description 
05609056  905-T2 Temp Stick (surface probe)
905-T2 Mini Thermometer
Model  905-T2 
Parameters  °C/°F 
Measuring ranges T (Cu-CuNi) -60 To +660°F
short-term to +930°F 
Resolution  0.1 °C 
Accuracy  ±1°F (60 to +212°F)
±1% Of M.V. (Rem. Range) 

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