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905-T1 Mini Thermometer

The 905-T1 Mini Thermometer is one of the fastest mini thermometers available - with a wide measuring
range from -60 to +660°F short-term (1-2 minutes) up to +930°F.
The sensor, type K thermocouple, is ideal for super-quick measured results in liquids, air and in soft or
powdery substances. Particularly in the top measuring range, the Testo 905-T1 is much more accurate than
most thermometers in this price range.
Quick Measurement, Professional industrial probe (type K thermocouple.
High temperature measurement, short-term to +500°C, Small in size and low cost, Auto OFF function

905-T1 Mini Thermometer

Model  Description 
05609055  905-T1 Temp Stick (immersion / penetration)
905-T1 Mini Thermometer
Model  905-T1 
Parameters  °C/°F 
Measuring ranges T (Cu-CuNi) -60 To +660°F
short-term to +930°F 
Resolution  0.1 °C 
Accuracy  ±1°F (60 to +212°F)
±1% Of M.V. (Rem. Range) 

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