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QJ23E Wheatstone Resistance Bridge.

The QJ23 Wheatstone Resistance Bridge is equipped with a built-in galvanometer and batteries designed for the measurement of resistance over the range 1-ohm to 11110000 ohms.
Mounted in a rugged polymer case, the instrument can be carried about with ease.

QJ23E Wheatstone Resistance Bridge.

Model  Description 
QJ23E  QJ23E Wheatstone Resistance Bridge.
Wheatstone Resistance Bridge specification 
Range  1 to 11110000 ohms 
Accuracy  ± 0.1% at 10KΩ range 
± 1% at 10MΩ range  
Galvanometer  Built in 
Galvanometer sensitivity  better than1mA/mm 
Power  Built in Dry cells 6x 1.5V, or external 
Dimensions  258 x 213 x 137mm 
Weight  less than 2kg 

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