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LEO1 Digital pressure gauge

LEO1 Digital pressure gauge LEO1 digital pressure gauge offers an accurate and convenient
replacement to standard analog pressure gauges. Available in five standard ranges,
these test gauges can display a variety of pressure units including bar, mbar, kg/cm2, psi, and MPa.

Digital pressure gauge LEO1

Model  Description 
LEO1-3  Digital test gauge -1 to 3 bar G, -14.5 to 45 psi
LEO1-30  Digital test gauge -1 to 30 bar G, -14.5 to 450 psi
LEO1-300  Digital test gauge 0 to 300 bar G, 0 to 4500 psi
LEO1-700  Digital test gauge 0 to 700 bar G, 0 to 10,000 psi
LEO1-1000  Digital test gauge 0 to 1000 bar G, 0 to 15,000 psi

A compact instrument, the LEO1 pressure gauge is ideally suited as a Master Test Gauge for
operation with our Pneumatic or Hydraulic Pressure Pumps and Pressure Test System enabling
simplified and efficient calibration.

The measuring element of the gauge is a fully isolated piezoresistive pressure transducer chosen for its
stability, high accuracy, and reliability. It is well suited for both static and dynamic applications, and is
capable of capturing transient pressure pulses with durations of only microseconds.

Digital pressure gauge features

Accuracy: 0.2% FS
5 ranges -1...1000 bar -14.5...10,000 psi Resolution: 4½ digits
Simple battery replacement
Max. & Min. read facility.
Auto switch off after 15 minutes or
continuous use selection  

6 selectable pressure units
All stainless steel (316) welded pressure
cavity for wet and aggressive media
Peak hold facility
Convenient 76mm/ 3 inch diameter face
Easy to read LCD display
Ideal replacement for analogue test gauges

LE01 Digital pressure gauge specifications
Range Resolution   Over range  Overpressure 
-1 to 3 bar, 45 psi   1 mbar, 0.015 psi  3.5 bar, 52 psi  10 bar, 150 psi 
-1 to 30 bar, 450 psi   10 mbar, 0.15 psi  35 bar, 520 psi  60 bar, 900 psi 
0 to 300 bar, 4500 psi   100 mbar, 1.50 psi  400 bar, 6000 psi  400 bar, 6000 psi 
0 to 700 bar, 10,000 psi   200 mbar, 3.0 psi  700 bar, 10,000 psi  700 bar, 10,000 psi 
0 to 1000 bar  200 mbar, 3.0 psi   1000 bar  1000 bar 
Accuracy:  0.2% F.S. standard (<1% FS in overrange)  
Peak Value:  Measured 5000 times per second. 
Display Update:   Twice per second 
Battery:  3V type CR 2430 
Battery life:   1400 hours continuous operation in Mano-Mode
180 hours continuous operation in Peak-Mode
"BATT LOW" Warning on display 
Operating Temp.:  0 to 50°C 
Storage Temp.:   -30 to 80°C 
Compensated Temp Range:  0 to 50°C 
Dimensions:  76 DIA x 118 x 42 mm 
Weight:  ~210 g 
Switch Off:  By key or auto switch off after 15 minutes. 
Pressure port:  ¼BSP male or ¼NPT male 
Protection:  IP65 
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