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SM201 Precision Multimeter is a multipurpose instrument designed for laboratory and field use, and for production testing. The optional interfaces are supplied with operating software which lets you read data.
High speed transfer to a computer and data storage in EXCEL are possible.

Precision Multimeter

Model  Description 
SM201-1/0.1  Precision Multimeter, 0.1% accuracy
SM201-1/0.05  Spectral Multimeter, 0.05% accuracy

The SM201 Spectral Multimeter is a high performance, high accuracy multimeter that allows you to measure current and voltage simultaneously and power for current wave forms whose fundamental is in the frequency range 20Hz to 1kHz. The SM201 Multimeter exhibits a wide current range up to 30A.
It can be extended up to 20000A to measure the rms current of a burst, for example.

For continuous signals, harmonics 1 to 63 are computed on-line. Pre-compliance testing for the main
current harmonics is performed by selecting averaging time "IEC555-2".
In the FLICKER operating mode the SM201 will determine short time Flicker Pst and long time
Ficker Plt.
Through the use of the analog inputs and outputs the capabilities of the Spectral Multimeter are further
enhanced. The SM201 reads eight signal inputs from transducers and controls up to four analog
outputs to drive chart recorders.

Spectral Multimeter specification
SM201 Multimeter
Voltage Ranges, 8 ranges 2-6-20-sequence; 0.6V, 2V, 6V, 20V, 60V, 200V, 600V, 2000V
Frequency range  DC, 2Hz-300kHz 
Crest Factor  4:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Input Impedance  less than 2.3MΩ 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  155dB/95dB 
Standard accuracy 23°K ±3°K; rms, mean, rectified mean; for 0.6V
range, input >50% fs
1Hz-1kHz = ±(0.1% rdg + 0.1% range)
DC, 1kHz-10kHz = ±(0.2% rdg + 0.2% range), DC typical
10kHz-100kHz = ±(0.3% range +0.04%/kHz rdg) *
100kHz-300kHz = ±(0.3% range + 0.04%/kHz rdg), typical 
improved acc., 1Hz-400Hz
±(0.05% rdg + 0.07% range )

* 0.6V range typical 
Current Ranges, 10 ranges 1-3-10-sequence; 15mA,50mA,150mA,500mA,1.5A,5A; 1,3,10,30,100A
Frequency range  DC, 2Hz-300kHz 
Crest Factor  4:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/120dB 
Standard accuracy 23°C; 1A-, 5A-, shunt input
1Hz-1kHz DC,      ±(0.1% rdg + 0.1% range)
1kHz-10kHz          ±(0.2% rdg + 0.2% range)
10kHz-100kHz      ±(0.3% rdg + 0.04%/kHz rdg)
100kHz-300kHz    ±(0.3% rdg + 0.04%/kHz rdg)
improved accuracy 1Hz-400Hz
±(0.05% rdg + 0.07% range)
DC typical¹
for 2 lowest ranges,
input more 50% fs
Power 80 Ranges corresponding to the products V x A
Frequency range  20Hz-1kHz 
Accuracy 23°K ±3°K
20Hz-100Hz = 0.3% rdg + (0.3% + 1% sinΦ) range
100Hz-200Hz = 0.5% rdg + (0.5% + 2% sinΦ) range
200Hz-1kHz = 0.5% rdg + (0.5% + 0.2%/100Hz) range

-80° < Φ > 80°
-80° < Φ > 80°
Frequency  2Hz-100kHz, A or V triggered; Accuracy ±0.1%  
Accuracy; Reactive Power, Var = ±(VA² - W²)½;
Apparent Power: VA = Arms Vrms; Power Factor: PF = W/VA;
Crest Factor: CF = Ap/Arms, Vp/Vrms; Form Factor: FF = Arms/At, Vrms/Vt; Impedance: Z = Vrms/Arms;
Total Harm Dist: THD = (Irms² - IFund²)½/Irms; Flicker Pst, Plt
Add accuracy percentage
figures of values involved
in computation. 
Integrator Energy, Accuracy - Wh, VAh, Varh,; Basic accuracy of integrated quantity.
Frequency range of fundamental - 5Hz-60kHz
Range of harmonic  1-63 
Accuracy, Harmonic current and voltage
5Hz-1kHz = ±(0.2% rdg + 0.1% range)
1kHz-10kHz = ±(0.5% rdg + 0.5% range)
10kHz-60kHz = ±(0.7% range + 0.1%/kHz rdg), typical
Options IEEE-488-2, RS232, Centronics printer output
4 Analog outputs, Output impedance 100Ω accuracy 0.2%
4 Analog inputs, low range, input impedance 200kΩ accuracy 0.4% typical
4 Analog inputs, high range, input impedance 200kΩ accuracy 0.4% typical
Rack mounting kit
Humidity: KYG according to DIN 40040, max. 85% RH non-condensing
0 - ±5V,
0 - ±1V,
0 - ±10V,
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