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Transformer Ratiometer. Transformer Tester.

4167D Automatic Transformer Ratiometer. Transformer Tester.
This mains operated, automatic Digital Transformer Ratiometer, measures the transformation ratio
(primary to secondary turns ratio) and can also give an indication of any small phase difference
between the high voltage and low voltage windings of transformers.

Automatic Transformer Ratiometer

Model  Description 
4167D  Automatic Transformer Ratiometer.

Direct Ratio Reading from 1:1 to 9990:1
High accuracy to 0.1%
Resolution to 1 part in 10,000
Display of phase difference indication and H.V. winding voltage
PC interfaces (RS232; IEEE488; RS385; RS422)
Bright red LED displays.

The Ratiometer transformer tester can be used in factory production test areas or other locations where a suitable supply voltage exists.
The model 4167D operates accurately to turns ratios of 1000:1 for power transformers.
While the extended range model 4167DH operates to 9990:1, for both power transformers and many types of current transformer.
The models 4167D and 4167DH transformer ratiometer, cover a wide automated reading range from 1:1 to 9990:1, are supplied fully calibrated and offer a basic accuracy of 0.1%.
Each transformer tester features both parallel and serial interfaces enabling their use as part of a wide range of automated control and data logging systems.

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