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DVC-350A Voltage Source

The DVC-350A is a hand-held, microprocessor-based voltage source that provides the user with two entry modes of operation and four output voltage ranges.
The DVC-350A's accuracy and portability makes it the calibrator of choice for precise adjustment of analyzers, recorders, controllers, data acquisition system computers, and many other lab and field applications.
The outputs have an unprecedented 0.015% accuracy commonly found only in laboratory-type calibrators.

DVC-350A Voltage Source

Model  Description 
DVC-350A  DVC-350A Voltage Source - Battery Powered.
Hand held, lightweight 11 ounce (342 grams)
Laboratory accuracy of ±0.015% of FSR at +25° C, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards
4 1/2 Digit LCD display
100 µV increments
Two output voltage range
Decimal: ±1.2V dc, ±12V dc
Hexadecimal: ±1V dc, ±10V dc
Up to 20mA source or sink current capability
Rated accuracy down to 6.5V battery level using rechargeable 7.2V battery or conventional 9V battery
Right and left binary shift for hexadecimal calibration of A/D or D/A converters
Convenient, easy-to-use membrane keyboard with audible feedback
Finger-touch cursor control with automatic voltage increment or decrement
Dual voltage output capability: absolute 0 volts (with current limiting) and entered value
Automatic current limiting and low battery indication
AC adapter/charger operation (optional)
Rechargeable 7.2V battery (optional)
Completing the DVC-350A's portability and flexibility is an outstanding array of features and the
large 4 1/2 digit LCD display.
Mode of entry is switch-selectable as either decimal or hexadecimal.
Decimal mode output ranges are ±1.2V dc in 100 µV increments and ±12V dc in 1mV increments.
Hexadecimal mode offers output voltage ranges of +1V dc in 244 µV increments and ±10Vdc in
2.44 mV increments.

The hexadecimal mode is notably useful for computer-oriented calibration of digital panel meters,
A/D's, and data acquisition systems. It eliminates the need for tedious hexadecimal-to-decimal
number conversion; the DVC-350A does it all automatically.

The DVC-350A accepts and converts hexadecimal numbers up to FFF hex.