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MIL-STD-1553 to ARINC429 Data Converter translates data from a MIL-STD-1553 databus to an ARINC 429 high-speed data bus. The 1553 interface on this converter is configured as a single channel, single redundant Bus Monitor (MT), but it could equally be configured as a dual redundant Remote Terminal (RT). Data is extracted from various user specified data words contained in a 1553 message and then translated into ARINC 429 data format for re-transmission on that databus. The transmitted ARINC 429 data takes the form of data transmitted over several user specified ARINC 429

MIL-1553 to ARINC 429 Converter

Model  Description 
429-R1/1553BC/T1  MIL-1553 to ARINC 429 Data Converter

A watchdog circuit is incorporated into the design and this is responsible for checking that the transmission of the ARINC 429 data continues under all conditions.
The customer must specify the required ARINC 429 labels selected for transmission onto the ARINC 429 databus at the time of ordering.
The 1553 data for reception must also be specified - in particular the RT Address, Sub-Address, message
type (BT to RT, RT to BC, RT to RT, etc.) and message length. In addition the customer must also supply data
word formats for each of the 16-bit data words contained in the received 1553 message.
Precise information on how each data field is to be translated from the 1553 to the ARINC 429 must also be supplied.

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