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ARINC429 to RELAY Output Data Bus Translator Converter can extract a specific ARINC 429 parameter from a user selectable Label and translate it into a switched discrete analog output. The ARINC 429 to Relay Output converter enables monitoring of a selected single discrete bit field within a ARINC 429 word. If the discrete field bit changes state then a relay contact will be switched.

ARINC 429 to Relay converter

Model  Description 
429-R1/VF1  ARINC 429 to Relay Data Bus Converter

The user can select, via the DIP switches on the PCB, the Octal Label, the SDI, SSM and
state of the parity (ODD/EVEN/NONE).
The converter adapts automatically to high or low speed (12.5/100kHz) ARINC 429 data and the
inputs are opto-coupled for electrical isolation purposes.
The unit is powered from an external 28 VDC (18-36V) nominal supply with internal current and
thermal (102 Deg C) fuse. The inputs are also reverse polarity protected.

At the moment the customer has to specify the range and limits of the required parameter that will
switch the relay discrete output.
For example an ARINC429 label containing "Fuel quantity" or "Ground Speed" could be programmed
such that when this parameter drops to a predefined value the relay discrete is switched.
The switched relay output can be either configured for chassis ground or be provided as a "volt-free"
The discrete output can switch back again once the parameter increase above the predefined limit
again. Indicator and/or enunciator can be provided as an option.

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