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The PC104/T2/R2 ARINC 429 Data Interface card is configured as a 16 bit Stack-through PC/104 interface card and comprises of two independent transmitter channels that act as Bus Traffic Simulators and two independent receiver channels that provide advanced Real Time Monitor and Data Acquisition functions.

ARINC 429 Interface Card

Model  Description 
PC/104/T2/R2  PC 104 ARINC 429 Data Interface Card

The functions on the four channels are available concurrently at full performance level. In addition to this the card also contains, a microprocessor, a time tag register, Data Acquisition FIFO, and Dual Port memory for ease of interfacing to the PC AT bus.

PC104 ARINC 429 Transmit Operation

In Simulation mode, the PC104/T2/R2 executes autonomously instructions held in the interface
memory and will perform cyclic and one shot modes of operation.
Label repetition rate and minor and major frame rates are completely controlled at the board level,
which significantly reduces the host PC overhead.
The output rise and fall time of the output signals are switchable to adapt to the selected transmit
For each simulated ARINC-429 Transmitter all Labels can be generated and the label data and
descriptors can be updated during simulation at any time without corrupting the transmission.
Multi-SDI transmissions of the same label are possible and variation of individual Label/SDI descriptors
in real time are also permitted.
Receive Operation The opto-coupled receivers provide for comprehensive Bus Monitoring and
Data Acquisition. All received data is time tagged to 1mS resolution.
All Label/SDI filtering is performed on the card and data captured from the bus is stored in 8k of FIFO
The card can be programmed to generate interrupts when the FIFO reaches the half-full point or the status of the FIFO's can be polled.

"C" Source library A "C" Source code driver library accompanies this product.
The operation of the PC104/T2/R2 is identical to our PC ISA PC4/T2/R2 card.


Two independent transmit and two independent opto-coupled receive channels.
All data filtered on card by Channel, TAG and SDI parameters.
Dual Port RAM interface for holding transmit sequence and ARINC 429 Rx filter tables.
8 KiloBytes of on board FIFO memory for buffering received data.
28 bit 1mS resolution Time Tag register for timing incoming data and Events.
Independent High/Low data rate selection for each transmitter.
Automatic high/low speed adaptation on received data for each channel with indication.
Interrupt and polling capabilities of data acquisition FIFO's.
Application Program Interface (API in 'C') available with source code.
16 bit Stack-through PC/104 interface card profile.
Connection via 10-way PCB mounted plug.
Power: +5 volt @ 600mA, +/-12 volt @ 100mA.
Optional on-board +/-12 DC-DC converter.
Commercial operating temperature range 0 to 70 deg. C.

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