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The 1412-BC Capacitance Decade.
The wide capacitance range and high resolution of this decade capacitance box make it exceptionally useful in both laboratory and test shop.
Owing to its fine adjustment of capacitance, it is a convenient variable capacitor to use with an impedance comparator.
The polystyrene dielectric used in the decade steps is necessary for applications requiring low dielectric absorption and constancy of both capacitance and dissipation factor with frequency.

1412 Capacitance Decade

Model  Description 
1412  1412 Capacitance Decade. Capacitor decade.

50pF to 1.11115 µF
Step 100 pF
0 to 100 pF vaiable
Better than l pF resolution
Accuracy of ±(0.5% +5pF)
Low loss, leakage, dielectric absorption

Four decades of polystyrene capacitors and a variable air capacitor are used, mounted in a
double-shield box.
The double shielding provides 2-terminal and 3-terminal capacitance's that are the same except for the capacitance between the terminals.
The variable air capacitor with a linear DC of 100pF and a resolution of better than l pF provides continuous adjustment between the 100pF steps of the smallest decade.

Capacitance: 50pF to 1.11115µF in steps of 100pF with a 0 to 100pF variable air capacitor providing continuous adjustment with divisions of l pF.
Capacitances for 2- and 3-terminal connections differ by about 1 pF(CHC) CLC is approximately 125pF.
Minimum Capacitance: 50pF with all controls set at zero. Accuracy: +/-(0.5% +5pF) at 1 kHz for total capacitance including 50pF minimum for the 3-terminal connection.
Frequency Characteristics: DC Cap/ 1kHz Cap <1.001.
At higher frequencies the increase is approximately DC/C = (f/fr)² The resonant frequency, frequency varies from over 400kHz for a capacitance of 1µF to 27MHz for a capacitance of 150pF when connections are made to the front terminals. frequency is about 300kHz and 70MHz for rear connections and the same capacitance.

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