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1491 Series Decade Inductor is the same as GenRad inductor decade.
The 1491 Decade Inductor is an assembly of several Decade-Inductor Units in a single metal cabinet.
The units have no electrical connection to the panel, but a separate ground terminal is provided, which can be connected to the adjacent low terminal, leading to the smallest decade.

1491 Inductor Decade.

Model  Description 
1491  1491 Series Decade Inductor

Shielded toroidal cores for small mutual inductance and minimal effect from external fields.
Sealed against moisture for long term stability.
Excellent as a moderately precise standard of inductance.
High-Q, 200 and above

These inductance decades are convenient elements for use in wave filters, equalizers,
and tuned circuits throughout the range of audio and low radio frequencies.
As components in oscillators, analyzers, and similar equipment, they are especially useful
during the preliminary design period, when you need to vary circuit elements over relatively wide ranges to determine optimum operating values.
As moderately precise standards of inductance they have values of low-frequency storage factor, Q, that are much larger than those of air-core coils.

1491 Inductor Decade.
  Inductance Per Step 
Model 100 µH 1mH 10mH 100mH  1H 










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