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1531 1538 Stroboscope. Strobelight.
These stroboscopes are small portable flashing-light sources used to measure the speed of fast-moving devices or to produce the optical effort of stopping or slowing high-speed motion for observation.
The 1531 is more economical to buy. On the other hand, the 1538 gives you six times the maximum flash rate of the former, and portable operation is possible with a rechargeable battery.
The 1538-A can also supports an optional extension lamp. Flash rates up to 150,000 flashes per minute.

1531-AB Stroboscope

Model  Description 
1531-AB  1531-AB Stroboscope, 115 V
1531-AB  1531-AB Stroboscope, 230 V
1538-A  1538-A Stroboscope, 115 V
1538-A  1538-A Stroboscope, 230 V
1538-P1 1538-P1 Flashtube for 1531,38,39,42,46

rotational speed measurement
stop motion
quality control inspection
printing press registration and maintenance
high speed and freeze frame photography
textile machine maintenance
bottling machinery inspection
detecting axle wobble
shaft balancing

Available The 1531-P2 Flash Delay is a valuable asset to any stroboscopic or high-speed photographic application.
The 1531-P2 flash delay synchronizes the strobe with rapidly moving objects and controls the flash, relative to the position of the object, by introducing a variable time delay in the electrical path between the trigger source and the strobe.
1531, 1538 Stroboscope
Model  Flashes per Minute  Duration*(µs) 
1531  690 to 25,000 3 to 0.8 µs 
1538  690 to 150,000 3 to 0.5 µs 
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