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The 1539-A Stroboscopic Light RPM Tachometer is a cost effective solution when external triggering only is required or when high intensity light is necessary by using multiple units.
The Stroboslave stroboscopic light source satisfies the basic requirements for motion studies and high-speed photography-it produces a bright white light at flash rates up to 25,000 per minute.
Since it contains no internal oscillator to establish the flash rate, it is an economical unit and is well suited for use with external inputs.

1539-B Stroboscope

Model  Description 
1539-A  1539-A Stroboscopic Light Source
1531-P2   1531-P2 Flash Delay for 1531-AB/1538-A/1539-A

For machine maintenance
Real time inspection of moving parts
Printing press applications
Motor troubleshooting
For stopping motion
Up to 3800 bright-white flashes per minute -to observe motion as fast as 40,000 rpm
Wide-range continuous flash-rate control
Low-cost, excellent OEM strobe

Flash Rate: 0 to 25,000 fl ashes per minute, externally triggered only
Light Output: Beam width 10° at ½ - intensity points.
1539-A Stroboscope
Flashes per Minute  Duration* (µs)  Energy** (watt-seconds)  Beam intensity*** (candela)
at 700  3 0.5  11 x 10 exp6
at 4200  12 0.09  3.5 x 10 exp6
at 25.000  0.8 0.014  0.6 x 10 exp6
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