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The 1542-B Stroboscope RPM Strobe is as easy to operate as an extension lamp but is considerably more useful.
Plug in the attached power cord, push the On-Off button, point the light at the action, turn one knob until the visual image of the action slows to the desired rate or stops.
That's the sum total of the operation -plug, push, point, and turn! 180 to 3,800 flashes per minute, adjustable over a single range by a 5-turn uncalibrated control.

1542-B Strobe Light Tachometer

Model  Description 
1542-B  1542-B Strobe Light Tachometer, 115 V

For machine maintenance
Real time inspection of moving parts
Printing press applications
Motor troubleshooting
For stopping motion
Up to 3800 bright-white flashes per minute -to observe motion as fast as 40,000 rpm
Wide-range continuous flash-rate control
Low-cost, excellent OEM strobe

This strobe includes a unique electronically compensated output fro visually constant image brightness (as the flash rate decreases, the light intensity hand-held operation and includes a threaded hole for tripod mounting.
All components are industrial grade and the engineering is completely thorough, including exacting environmental testing to ensure reliable operation under extreme conditions.
1542-B Stroboscope
Flashes per Minute  Duration* (┬Ás)  Energy** (watt-seconds)  Beam intensity*** (candela)
at 180  4 0.25  6 x 10 exp6
at 3800  3 0.06  6 x 10 exp6
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