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The 1542-B Stroboscope RPM Strobe is as easy to operate as an extension lamp but is considerably more useful.
Plug in the attached power cord, push the On-Off button, point the light at the action, turn one knob until the visual image of the action slows to the desired rate or stops.
That's the sum total of the operation -plug, push, point, and turn! 180 to 3,800 flashes per minute, adjustable over a single range by a 5-turn uncalibrated control.

1546 Stroboscope

Model  Description 
1542-B  1542-B Strobe Light Tachometer, 115 V

Accuracy: ± 0.01% , crystal-controlled time base. Display accuracy limited by resolution of display below 10,000 fpm to ± 1 fpm. Tachometer Function: LED display reads for both internal and external modes.
External Trigger: Three-terminal phone jack, > + 1.0 V pulse, > 0.75 rms sine wave, or contact closure.
Trigger Output: > 2.5 V behind 1 kΩ.
The 1546 is capable of both internally and externally triggered modes of operation. In the internal mode, the flash is triggered by an internal oscillator pulse that can also drive other Strobotac stroboscopes for additional light sources. In the external mode, the 1546 operates as a digital tachometer when a voltage pulse or contact closure is activated by the rotation of an object.
1546 Stroboscope
Range Flash Rate: 100 to 25,000  Flash Duration ┬Ás 
1 Low  100 - 700
2 Med  600 - 4,200
3 High  3,600 - 25,000 1.2 
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