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The High Line Voltmeter is a portable instrument for measuring AC voltages quickly and easily up to 50kV.
It is lightweight and easy to use. The lineman or operator is not exposed at any time to high voltage.
This instrument is light, compact and a time saver.
The construction of High Line Voltmeter Model 50103-G-05 Phasing Voltmeter provides no exposed conducting terminals or meter circuitry.
The locking cable connector provides positive electrical contact and is totally enclosed electrically.

AC High Line Voltmeter 15 - 50 kV

Model  Description 
 50103-G-05  AC High Line Voltmeter 15-25kV
50103-G-06  AC High Line Voltmeter 15-25kV with Hot Sticks
50103-G-07  AC High Line Voltmeter 0-40kV
50103-G-09  AC High Line Voltmeter 0-40kV with Hot Sticks
50103-G-08  AC High Line Voltmeter 0-50kV
50103-G-10  AC High Line Voltmeter 0-50kV with Hot Sticks
  Available Accessories

The Model 50103-G-05 High Line Voltmeter is a rugged, resistive type voltmeter developed for medium range voltage measurements in the field. The instrument is intended to be used with standard quick change hot sticks. It is typically used to measure voltage between ground and the line or bus connector.

The positive action selector switch makes the wide range of the voltmeter easily accessible.
The test set is furnished complete with a standard 20-foot length ground lead, a 3kV proof tester, and padded carrying case. Other ground lead lengths are available.
The instrument has two scales of 0-15kV and 0-25kV which are easily read at a distance of eight to ten feet.

Accessories for High Line Voltmeter
Catalog Description 
50118-G-02  1/2 Set of Hot Sticks 
10104-P-02 Shepherd’s Hook
10104-P-03  Probe Tip 
30142-P-01  Shot Gun Adapter 
50111-P-01  Bushing Adapter 
10275-P-01  Universal Adapter 
50131-G-01  C-Clamp for Grounding 
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