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RW Wilkins Standard Resistor. Resistance standard high accuracy < 20 ppm.
RW Wilkins Standard Resistors are made from a specially selected alloy having a low temperature coefficient mounted in a strain free manner, on formers made from a material of low dielectric loss but of high mechanical stability.
All connections are welded. Prolonged heat treatment of the elements ensures long term stability and low temperature coefficient of resistance.
The elements are hermetically sealed in stainless steel containers which are first evacuated and then filled with dry oil (No.4 Kerosene).
Provision is made for inserting a thermometer, but the resistors are intended to be used in a controlled temperature oil bath

Wilkins Standard Resistor

Model  Description 
RW  Wilkins Standard Resistor
Maximum dissipation for the resistors is 1 watt, but the highest performance will be obtained with dissipation limited to 10 milliwatts, which is the ideal working condition.
No damage will occur if the dissipation is increased to 1 watt, but self heating will affect the resistance value after a few minutes.

ORDER CODES RWx where x is 1, 10, 25, 100 or 1000 ohms.
RWTE1 Thermal enclosure for RW resistor, 36°C fixed.
RWTE2 Thermal enclosure for 2 RW resistors, 40°C max. factory set.
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