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F150 Digital Bench Thermometer.
The F150 Digital Bench Thermometer incorporates two inputs for resistance thermometers (RTD) and two for thermocouples. F150 Bench Thermometer has been designed for maximum versatility and to help fill your needs for high accuracy single or differential measurements with any combination of thermometers.
Temperature measurements in °C, °F and K, plus W or mV, are displayed on a large graphics LCD.
Use-it-anywhere; you can operate F150 Thermometer by battery or AC power and store your measured data to internal memory for later retrieval. 

F150 Digital bench Thermometer

Model  Description 
F150  F150 Precision RTD and Thermocouples thermometer.
 not available

The F150 Bench Thermometer can be expended to measure up to 10 channels without any compromise in performance when using the versatile 4 channel expansion modules.
Both the miniature connector and bare wire thermocouple modules have internal RJ compensation, so the performance on the back panel is as good as the front panel

Thermometer specification
Inputs  Dual channel for 2 resistance thermometers and 2 thermocouples 
Sensors  100 Ohm rtd and B, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S, T type thermocouples 
Accuracy  F150 only: ±0.01°C for RTD measurement, ±0.1°C for thermocouples 
Resolution  User selectable: 0.01 & 0.001°C/°F/K, plus 0.001 W for RTDs
User selectable: 0.1 & 0.01°C/°F/K, plus 0.001 mV for TCs 

Repeatability  ±3 digits in highest resolution mode 
Range  RTD: 0 to 440, -200 to +1000°C, depending on probe used
TC: -210 to +2315°C, depending on probe used 

Probe linearization  RTD: IEC751, US/JIS and EN60751 (ITS90) for uncalibrated
probes "USER" for calibrated probe coefficients TC: Types C & D
literalized to ASTM E988. All other types to NIST175, ITS90 

Probe connectors  RTD: 2 x 5 pin DIN sockets (screw capture) TC: 2 x sub-miniature
connectors and 2 pairs 4mm instrument sockets 

Display  A, B and A-B differential plus null, in °C, °F or K with W or mV 
Display  RS232, IEEE-488 and analogue output options 
Data entry  4 options for rtd probes and 10 standard linearization's for thermocouples 
Data Recall   Stored probe data re-call for security and audit checks 
Data logging  Up to 4000 measurements stored on-board, non-volatile memory 
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