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The BM51 Battery String Monitor is easy to use, and simple to install connecting only three test lead terminals to the battery string.
Once connected the set-up is fully automatic battery monitoring system.
The BM51 is suitable for 2V to 150V, and 10Ah to 10000Ah batteries. It periodically measures two voltages, ambient temperature, midpoint impedance, operating time, discharging time, and monitors error conditions.

Battery bank monitor

Model  Description 
BM51  Remote battery bank monitor

Simple to use, automatic set-up
Three terminal connection to battery
Monitors seven battery parameters
2 V to 150 V, 10 Ah to 10 000 Ah batteries
User programmable alarm limits
User programmable measurement intervals
Far distance monitoring and programming
Supply from battery under test or external
Cascadable on high voltage batteries
Potential free RS232 and alarm output

Deviations outside preset limits activate an alarm.
The monitor is either supplied from the battery or from an external 7V to 70V DC-supply.
At installation, or at any time later, measured values and alarm conditions can be read via Interface, or preset limits can be modified using a computer.
The BM51 interface- and relay outputs are isolated. Consequently, on high voltage batteries several BM51 can be cascaded without endangering the operator.

Battery bank monitor specification
Battery Size, Battery Type 10 Ah–10 000 Ah, all battery types 
Battery Voltage  2 V–600 V, 2 V–6 V use external supply above 150 V BM51 can be

BM51 Voltage Ranges  0–15 V, 0–50 V, 0–150 V; accuracy 0.2%  

Midpoint Impedance Ranges  0–1 mΩ, 0–10 mΩ, 0–100 mΩ, 0–1Ω, 0–10Ω; accuracy 1% 

RS232 Output, 2kV Isolation  Vmd, Vhi, Tambient, Impedance, Operating Time, Duration of discharge,
ALARM on/off 

Alarm Output  Relay closing on voltage below or impedance above limits. 

Factory set Alarm Limits  Voltage –10%, impedance +40%, measurement interval 24 hours for
impedance, 0.3 seconds for voltage 
User defined Alarm Limits  Use PC in terminal mode, limits are stored in non-volatile memory. 
Temperature  0–50°C operating, –20 – +50°C storage. 
Supply  7 V to 70 V from battery being monitored, or external 
Dimensions  130 x 95 x 50mm; light gray ABS, 350 g.  
Mounting / Connecting cables  Hook-and-loop tape local at battery. 1.5m cables terminated with 4mm
cable lugs. 
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