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MODEL 23 DC Stationary Battery Analyzer simultaneously measures battery voltage UB and internal battery resistance Ri.
The sophisticated electronics used in this tester yield measurements in less than 1 second.
Measurements repeat within ± digit even when batteries are being charged.
This is a prerequisite to detect long term deviations and capacitance deterioration on stationary batteries.

DC 23 Battery Analyzer.

Model  Description 
DC-23 Gen  Battery Analyzer without RS-232 with carrying case, and probes.
DC-23 Med  Battery Analyzer with RS-232, case, software, cable and probes.
DC-23 Full  Battery Analyzer with RS-232, software, printer, battery pack

Stationary Batteries
Car Batteries
Traction Batteries
Printer, Software
Ri: 20/400/8000 milliohm
Ub: 30/120 Volt
15,5 x 9 x 3,5cm; 400gr.
Data storage, RS-232

We offer three ways to test stationary batteries. These tests yield information to decide, on site, whether a battery should be replaced or not.
You can store and retrieve all data for your ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System.
The lightweight and small tester is simple to operate with only three controls, no zeroing and no adjusting is needed.

The 23 DC Source Battery Analyzer is also available as a unique car battery tester.
The two step test is done at no load and at a 30A load.
Car electronics do not have to be disconnected.
Deteriorated batteries are easily spotted and are graded GOOD, FAIR, FAIL.
Test results can be printed

DC Battery Analyzer Tester Models
Product Description
Full Version  MODEL 23 DC-Source Battery Analyzer with RS-232 and Carrying case, windows
software, label printer, battery pack for printer, 4-wire measuring clips and RS-232
cable to PC. Weight 3kg. 

Med Version   MODEL 23 DC-Source Battery Analyzer with RS-232 and Carrying case,
windows software, 4-wire measuring clips, RS-232 cable to PC. 

Gen Version  MODEL 23 DC-Source Battery Analyzer without RS-232 and Carrying case and
4-wire measuring clips. 

Car Full  23 DC-Source Car Battery Tester for car battery testing with RS-232 and
Carrying case, battery load, label printer and measuring clips. 

Car  23 DC-Source Car Battery Tester for car battery testing without RS-232 with
carrying case, battery load and measuring clips. 

Battery Tester Accessories
Accessory  Description 
ACS10  USB - RS232 Adapter. 

ACS11  Ethernet - RS232 Adapter 

ASC12  Battery Charger 

Battery Tester Specification
Size of Batteries  Test batteries 0.5Ah-2000Ah and voltages up to 120V  sealed, non-sealed;
lead acid and other 
Voltage Ub  Ranges 2; 0-30V, 0-200V
Resolution; 10mV, 0.1V
Accuracy; 1% ±1 digit 
200Vdc maximum
Display; 3 digits
23° ± 3°K 
Source Resistance Ri  Ranges 3; 0-20 milliohm, 0-400 milliohm, 0-8 Ohm
Resolution; 0.01, 0.1 milliohm
Measurement repetition; ±1 digit
Accuracy; 1% ± 2 digit 
Ub: 1.6V-120V
Display 3 digits
Signal max 20dB below noise
Display  6.5mm, 16 character LCD  V, milliohm, Mode 
Interface  RS-232, isolated from batteries  300V CAT II 
Operation/Time  Via menu, 3 controls  0.6s measurement time 
Data Storage  500 complete sets UB, Ri  N=1 to N=500 
Supply  9V battery or accumulator  for 6-8h operation 
Size/Weight  155 x 90 x 35mm; 400 gr. 
Temperature   Operating: 0-30°K; storage: -10 -40°K 
Tester versions  Full: Tester, printer, software
Med: Tester, software
Gen: Tester, no interface
Car: Tester including battery load
Car Full: Tester including battery load, printer 
Stationary batteries
Stationary batteries
Traction/Stationary batteries
Car batteries
Car batteries 
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