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BetaGauge II Documenting Pressure Calibrator.
BetaGauge II Documenting Pressure Calibrator is unmatched by any device in its price range.
For the majority of its available ranges, it has a typical pressure accuracy of 0.025% full scale and an electrical accuracy of ±0.01%.
That makes it four times more precise than the instruments it is used to calibrate, including 0.10% accuracy smart pressure transmitters.
Even so, BetaGauge II Pressure Calibrator is priced competitively with distant second 0.05% pressure calibrators.
The closest devices more accurate are far more expensive - lab instruments not intended for field use, such as quartz gauges used to calibrate other calibrators.
Yet remarkably, best-of-class accuracy is but one of many reasons for specifying BetaGauge II.

BetaGauge II Pressure Calibrator

Model  Description 
BetaGauge II  BetaGauge II Pressure Calibrator

Readout in Ten Different Engineering Units plus User Defined Unit .
Measurement of mA/VDC.
Trip Detect for Pressure Switch Testing.
% Error Display.
Battery Check.
User Selectable Damping Factors.

By automating pressure calibrations via a variety of popular software packages, BetaGauge II Pressure
Calibrator users can create a centralized database for reporting and analyzing instrument maintenance tasks.
Automation saves time and money, while resulting in better performing instrumentation. BetaGauge II
Pressure Calibrator, like other Beta Calibrators, is compatible with most leading calibration management software.

Dual-channel operation and 24 field changeable ranges redefine calibrator versatility.

There are 24 standard BetaGauge II pressure ranges available in fully interchangeable input modules:
12 gauge ranges (from 0-5 psig up to 0-5000 psig).
Two vacuum ranges (from 0 to -5 psig up to 0 to -15 psig).
Five absolute ranges (from 0-15 psia up to 0-300 psia).
Two compound ranges (from -15 to 15 psig up to -15 to 30 psig).
Three differential ranges (from 0-5 psid up to 0-50 psid).

The standard dc module provides five electrical ranges:
Three voltage ranges (from 0 to ±249.99 mV dc up to 0 to ±24.999 Vdc).
Two current ranges (0 to ±24.999 mA dc and 0 to ±149.99 mA ).

Special ranges and calibrations are available upon request at additional cost.
This plug-in design simplifies maintenance, too. The base unit needs no recalibration; only the input modules do.
That means you never have to be out of service - you send only the out-of-calibration modules back to the shop, while still using BetaGauge II in the field.

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