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Hyperion R 982 Calibration Bath Low-Temperature Infrared Calibrator range -10°C to +80°C (176°F)
Low-Temperature Infrared Calibrator.
The Hyperion R Calibration Bath comprises a blackbody cavity for calibration of infrared thermometers.
An important factor is that its operation range includes ambient temperature, which is a difficult radiation point to achieve.
The temperature of the furnace is set on a controller, while an independent indicator, whose sensor is built into the cavity, indicates the actual radiance temperature.
The temperature of the cavity can be set to within 0.1°C at any point from -10°C to +80°C (176°F).

Low-Temperature Infrared Calibrator.

Model  Description 
R982  Hyperion R - Low Temperature Blackbody Source
This elegant, modern-styled range has been designed to work from a series of Peltier modules,
which can be used either to heat or to cool a metal block. In conjunction with a specially programmed microprocessor-based controller it offers a unique concept in calibration sources.

With this bath, a temperature above, below or at ambient temperature can be set and will be maintained whether the source needs to be cooled or heated. Traceability is established with a NIST certificate for the in-built indicator and supplied probe (935-14-13).
Low-Temperature Infrared Calibrator specification
Model  982
Temperature Range  -10°C to 80.0°C 
Accuracy  ±1°C  
Emissivity  Greater than 0.995 
Stability  0.1°C 
Display Resolution  0.01°C 
Cavity Size  50mm diameter 150mm deep 
Time to Temperature  45 minutes to -10°C
40 minutes to 80°C 
Supply  110 VAC ± 10% (50/60Hz)  
Dimensions  310mm x 265mm x 200mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  22 lbs (10kg) 
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