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Medusa R 999 Blackbody Fixed-Point Temperature Calibrator. Temperature range 30°C to 550°C.
The Medusa R is a blackbody primary source in which radiation pyrometers can be calibrated.
Specifically designed to accommodate black body fixed point cells, the Medusa-R is the optimal choice for primary labs needing the highest levels of radiation measurement.
The temperature of the cavity can be set to ±0.1°C over the temperature range 30°C to 550°C.
The controller reaches 550°C approximately 45 minutes from switch on.
Also, the cavity temperature, as measured by a radiation thermometer took approximately 45 minutes to reach stability from switch on.

Blackbody primary source

Model  Description 
999  Medusa R Blackbody primary source
The variation seen on the controller’s temperature indication over a 5 minute period was ±0.2°C.
Similar variations were detected by a radiation thermometer looking into the cavity. Using a portable radiation thermometer having a target diameter of 13mm, the 48mm target was surveyed.

Maximum temperature differences of ±1°C were found for set temperatures in the range 100°C to 500°C.
Temperatures along the inner 200mm of the 285mm long cavity were measured at 400°C and 500°C, using a hand held fiber-optic radiation probe. Maximum temperature differences of ±4°C were found.

Large Fixed Point Cells can be fitted to the Medusa R giving small uncertainties suitable for Primary Standards.
Blackbody Fixedpoint Calibrator specification
Model  999
Temperature Range  30°C to 550°C 
Emissivity  Greater than 0.995 
Stability   ± 0.05°C
Display Resolution  0.01°C to 99.99; 0.1°C from 100.0 to 550.0 
Cavity Size  45mm diameter 285mm deep  
Time to Temperature  45 minutes 
Supply  110 VAC ± 10% (50/60Hz)  
Dimensions  480mm x 425mm x 260mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  37.5 lbs (17kg) 
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