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Cyclops 878 IR Spherical Blackbody Temperature Calibrator. Temperature range 100°C to 1300°C
The Cyclops Blackbody Calibrator is a hollow black sphere which fits inside our Saturn spherical furnace originally designed to calibrate thermocouples using an equalizing block.

The original equalizing block is removed and in its place the hollow black sphere is substituted enabling the furnace to be used for the calibration of radiation pyrometers.
The emissivity of the material is 0.98.
The outer case viewing hole has an aperture of 17mm as standard. An aperture of 50mm is available to special order, giving an apparent emissivity in relation to the wall greater than 0.999.

Temperature Infrared Calibrator.

Model  Description 
878  Spherical Blackbody Source, Model 878 Cyclops
IR Spherical Blackbody Calibrator specification
Model  878
Temperature Range  100°C to 1300°C 
Emissivity  Greater than 0.999 
Stability  ±0.1°C 
Display Resolution  0.1°C to 999.9; 1°C from 1000 to 1300 
Time to Temperature  1 hour to 700°C
3 hours to 1300°C 
Supply  110 VAC ± 10% (50/60Hz)  
Dimensions  Diameter 425mm 
Weight  55 lbs (25 kg) 
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