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Model 798L Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range -80°C to +125°C

Model 798M Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range -40°C to +125°C

Model 798H Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range ambient to 200°C

The Hydra Range of three baths is a completely new design and development. Commercial grade 1/3 horse power chillers are used to give maximum cooling and smooth, quiet operation with long term reliability.
The Absolute stability is ± 0.01°C over the complete temperature range, and the Hydra 798 Temperature Bath can provide comparison accuracies of ± 0.0002°C with an appropriate measurement system.
These baths are also suitable for creating and maintaining ITS-90 Fixed-Point Cells, both common large cells and Slim cells.

Temperature calibration bath.

Model  Description 
798L   Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range -80°C to +125°C
798M  Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range -40°C to +125°C
798H   Temperature calibration bath. Temperature range ambient to 200°C
Parallel Tube Action - Liquid flows up the rear volume of the bath and down the working volume.
This action creates very small vertical and axial gradients. Enabling the smallest overall uncertainties.
Stability - Better than ± 0.01° C over the complete temperature range.
Calibration Depth — Double the depth of some baths, the Hydra Range has up to 300mm depth of immersion.
Circular Design - The circular design eliminates ‘cold corners’ in tank-shaped baths.
Fast Cool Down - Goes from ambient to -80° C in 150 min.
Heating - All heating is outside the container. By using a large area nickel foil heater the complete bath wall is heated uniformly.
Cooling - The cooling is built-in and also surrounds the calibration volume creating a low temperature ambient in which the heater can function efficiently.
Wider Temperature Range - A unique system removes the coolant from around the calibration volume above
ambient and lets the bath heat up to 125° C (121° C is a key sterilization temperature).
Commercial Grade Chillers - The chillers are 1/3 horse power commercial grade units (not cheaper domestic grade as used by some manufacturers)

The 798 Range, with their depth of 300mm, satisfies the needs of professional engineers who understand the need for sufficient immersion of at least 270mm as recommended in Supplementary
Information to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90).
The baths have a 150mm diameter offering one of the largest calibration volumes available.
The parallel tube concept where liquid flows up the rear volume and down the calibration volume virtually eliminates vertical and axial gradients.
Parallel Tube Liquid Bath.
Temperature Range  798L: -80° C to +125° C
798M: -40° C to +125° C
798H: Ambient to 200° C
Volume  150mm diameter x 300mm deep (5 Liters) 
Absolute Stability  ± 0.01°C 
Accuracy  ± 0.002°C 
Communications  Included as standard 
Supply  1.5 KW 110V 50/60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz 
Dimensions  400mm x 615mm x 800mm (WxDxH) 
Weight  45kg approximately 
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