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The A 220 A 210 power measuring instrument is suitable for control panel mounting and measures all the important measurands in 3-phase and single-phase systems.
It displays the measurands with a high contrast 14 mm high LED display.
The instrument is also suitable for measurements in low and middle voltage systems because of the freely programmable factors for the current and voltage transformers.
It replaces a large number of analog instruments and delivers high accuracy values.

Panel power monitor SINEAX A220

Model  Description 
A210  Multifunction power monitor with system analysis
A220  Multifunction power monitor with system analysis

Display of all 4 quadrants
63 measurements with high accuracy (U, I: 0,5%)
2 pulse or trip point outputs (S0)
Minimal installation depth: 46 mm
Transformer ratio programmable
5 programmable intervals for active, reactive and apparent power (avg. values)
8 energy counters for active and reactive energy.
All counters show incoming and outgoing energy with 2 tariffs
Plug able module with RS 232/RS 485 interface for MODBUS RTU
Plug able module with RS 232/RS 485 interface for MODBUS RTU and data logger
After a power supply failure all values, counter contents, displayed values and programmed
functions are available
The 14 mm high LED display ensures good readability

System application
Single phase, 3-wire balanced or unbalanced, 4-wire balanced or unbalanced, 4-quadrant operation.

14 mm LED digital display; adjustable brightness 3 digits with sign,
Frequency: 4 digits, Energy: 8 digits

Digital outputs
2 S0 outputs; ON = 10 to 27 mA, OFF 2 mA; Uext: 8 to 30 V DC pulse or trip point output
Pulse output: Active energy and reactive energy
Trip point output: Open collector

Interface module
Interface: RS 485/RS 232 switchable
Protocol: MODBUS RTU
Digital input: Synchronizing input for time stamp resp. tariff switching
Digital input, bus address, and parity are programmable

Interface and data logger module
Data logging of P, Q, S (avg. values) for the last 2 months.

Programmable values
Trip points, Transformer ratio, Type of system, interval time Programming can be locked with a jumper at the back of the instrument.

Additional features
It is possible to extend the A 210 with an interface module or an interface/data logger module without opening the housing.

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