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The A 230 multifunction power meter is designed for application in high, medium and low voltage systems.
Any current and voltage transformers are taken into account in the calculation of the measured values.
The display instrument has dimensions 144 x 144 x 46 mm, and is suitable for mounting in a control panel.
With 4-quadrant measurement, it is suitable for system and load analysis in single and multiphase AC systems.

Panel power meter SINEAX A230

Model  Description 
A230  Multifunction power meter with system analysis

Single or 3-phase, 0-1 A to 0-6 A from CT, 290 V phase-to-neutral, 500 V phase-to-phase, 50/60 Hz.
Digital pulse, relay. See EMMOD modules below for additional I/O capabilities.

A230 full-size DIN or A230s 1/4 DIN.
19 types of measurements including P, Q, S, I~, U~ (rms), cos φ (PF, 4 quadrants), f, Pint, Qint, Sint, THD, harmonics, UNE, unbU.
Three 4-digit programmable displays.
Open collector alarm relay and pulse outputs.
Data logging, RS-232, and MODBUS with optional EMMOD 201.
Two analog outputs with EMMOD 202 option.
Ethernet interface with EMMOD 203 option.
PROFIBUS interface with EMMOD 204 option.
Hi/Lo electrical rates.
Comprehensive mean and max./min. value functions with trend .
System analysis functions (THD, harmonics, asymmetry) .
Higher accuracy .
24-60 VAC/VDC or 85-230 VAC/VDC powered.

The instrument measures the currents I1, I2, I3 and the voltages U1, U2, U3, the frequency, and the phase angles between the individual currents and voltages.

All the other measurements are calculated from these.

The measurements are made internally via integrated current transformers.

Therefore it is possible to make direct connections without an external transformer.

Each input is sampled 32 times per cycle. This allows measurements to be made including up to the
15th harmonic.

Basic instrument
Instrument with active and reactive energy counters. Digital outputs configurable as impulse output counters and/or limit value indicators.
Comprehensive average value and max./min. value functions.
Harmonics analysis and THD measurement. Determination of the neutral wire current, asymmetry factor and neutral point voltage shift.

Extension module EMMOD 201
Clip-on extension module with RS 485/Modbus-RTU and RS 232 (switchable). Average value and load profile recorder with time synchronization or external synchronization signal.
Digital input for tariff changeover for energy counters and impulse outputs, or a synchronizing signal.

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