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The fully automatic DC24 performs two tests to give you complete information on the state of a battery.
In a first test it measures six battery parameters (battery voltage, percentage of charge content, cold cranking currents, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE) and in a second test it displays lowest battery voltage and highest battery current at start of the engine.
Ease of use: Simply connect the tester to the poles of the battery, no controls are needed.

DC24 Car Traction Battery Tester

Model  Description 
DC-24  Car Traction Battery Tester.

Fully automatic
No push buttons
Accustic signal, when finished
RS232 output for printer
Cranking Current norm DIN, EN, IEC, SAE
Flashing values
Instructions in English, Deutsch, Francais, Portugues, Espanol and Italiano

Remote Battery Monitoring
Battery testing on: Wheelchairs, cars, trucks, fork lifts, construction machinery, ships, snow cat and others.
Battery maintenance: Car repair shops, railroads, airports, hospitals, telecom, automobil associations, shipyard.

Conclusions from battery measurement
1. The measured cold cranking currents according to DIN, EN, IEC, SAE should not deviate more than 20% from the values given on your battery sticker.
2. At engine start the maximum current must not exceed the cold cranking current on your label.
3. At engine start the minimum voltage must not drop more than 30% below no load voltage.
A 12V battery at its end of life may drop below 7V at engine start.
The DC24 may perform a reset and will start the first test all over again.
This is an indication that battery should be replaced.

Car and Traction Battery Tester
Product DC24 Car- and Traction Battery Tester 
Battery Voltages  6 V, 12 V, 18 V, 24 V, 36 V, 42 V, 48 V (max. 60 V). 

Operation   Fully automatic, no operating controls 

Acoustic signal  Acoustic signal at end of first test. Flashing values from second test (cranking engine). 

Battery parameters at Ambient Temperature  Battery voltage, 0–100 % charge content, and cold cranking current DIN, IEC, EN,
SAE. Minimum voltage and maximum current at engine start. 

Accuracy (typical)  Voltage: ± 0.1%; Charge: ± 5% / Cold cranking currents: ± 5% 

Display  Graphic liquid crystal display, 58 x 108mm 
Operating Temperature  –10 °C to 45 °C 
Case Size  Light gray plastic case, L x W x H = 215 x 130 x 65 mm 
Interface  RS-232 interface, 9600 Baud, CR, LF 
Supply  DC24 is supplied by the battery under test. Min. operating voltage = 7V.  
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