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ARM760AD Low Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer DC powered 115VAC/12VDC adapter.
ARM760ADBL Low Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer DC powered, backlit display 115VAC/12VDC adapter.
ARM760B Low Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer Battery-powered 2 AA batteries.
AARM760BBL Low Pressure Gauge Manometer Battery, backlit display 2 AA batteries.
The ARM760AD and ARM760ADBL models are designed for applications where a continuous display of vacuum is required. This makes it ideal for monitoring vacuum systems and pumps.
The ARM760B and ARM760BBL models are designed for portable applications such as monitoring portable vacuum pumps or for vacuum packaging applications.

Low Pressure Gauge - Manometer

Model  Description 
ARM760AD  Pressure gauge manometer. DC powered
ARM760ADBL  Pressure gauge manometer. DC powered, backlit display
ARM760B  Pressure gauge manometer. Battery-powered
ARM760BBL  Pressure gauge manometer. Battery, backlit display

±0.25% Test Gauge Accuracy
316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
760 to 0 torr Absolute
Monitor Vacuum Systems and Pumps
Eliminate Mercury Manometers!

Display (type, size, update rate)
31/2 digit LCD (3 digits are used for this range), 1/2" digit height
3 readings per second nominal display update rate
Front On/Off pushbutton
Display zero/span, non-interactive, ± 10% range
Front-accessible multiturn potentiometers

Accuracy (linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)
Standard: ±0.25% of full scale ± 1 least significant digit
“-HA” option: ±0.1% FS ±1LSD (most ranges) or
“-4A” option ±0.4% FS ±1LSD
NIST traceable test report and data optional

Power ARM760AD Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer and ARM760ADBL Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer
Includes 115VAC/12VDC wall mount power supply
Gauge will operate on any DC source of 9 to 32 VDC or any AC source of 8 to 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
ARM760AD power consumption approximately 5 mA
ARM760ADBL power consumption approximately 75 mA
Electrical Connection ARM760AD Pressure Gauge and ARM760ADBL Pressure Gauge
6 foot long, 2-conductor cable with female 3.5 mm socket
Power supply; 6 foot long, 2-conductor cable with male 3.5 mm plug
Power ARM760B Low Pressure Digital Gauge Manometer and ARM760BBL Digital Gauge
Includes 2 AA alkaline batteries
ARM760B battery life is approximately 2500 hours
ARM760BBL battery life is approximately 180 hours
30 minute auto shutoff

3.38"W x 2.88"H x 1.65"D (not including pressure fitting or cable strain relief).
Add approximately 0.75" to height for pressure fitting and 1" to depth for strain relief and wire clearance.
Weight (approximate)
Gauge: 9 ounces, Shipping weight: 1 pound
Extruded aluminum case, epoxy powder coated, light gray
Polycarbonate cover, blue
Polycarbonate front label Front and rear gaskets
Pressure/Vacuum Connection and Material 1/4" NPT male,
316 stainless steel
Media Compatibility
All wetted parts are 316 SS Compatible with most liquids and gases
Overpressure 2x rated pressure minimum
Burst pressure 4x rated pressure minimum

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