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50106-G-01 Clamp-On Voltmeter Ammeter 175/350/700 Volts 10/25/100/250/1000 Amps.
The Model 50106-G-01 Clamp-On Voltmeter Ammeter is an instrument designed to enable the operator to get quick, accurate, reliable, safe measurements of both voltage and alternating current without interrupting the circuit.
Designed for glove or barehanded use and insulated for 750-volt service, the unit features a six-position positive action selector action selector switch which selects the ranges; single scale serves all ranges, with large easy-to-read values. The instrument can be hung on conductor for ease of operation.
Voltage measurement: 175/350/700 Volts.
Current measurement: 10/25/100/250/1000 Amps.
Jaw Size: 2.5 inch.

Clamp-On Ammeter and voltmeter.

Model  Description 
50106-G-01  Clamp-on Voltmeter Ammeter. Jaw 2.5 in.
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