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The P5500 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Comparison Test Pumps.

The Comparison Test Pump is a hydraulic hand operated unit that provides a quick and cost effective means of comparing readings between, for example, a test gauge and a standard pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc.
The Series of hydraulic test pumps and pneumatic comparison test pumps are used for checking pressure measuring instruments against master test gauges, indicators or transducers.
These cost effective instruments, which include several features from our popular line of hydraulic deadweight testers, are capable of easily generating high pressures and provide precise pressure control for important calibration requirements.

P5514 Comparison pump 0 - 10000 psi .

Model  Description 
P5511  Comparison Pump Vacuum and Pressure 24 inHg / 800 mbar
P5512  Comparison Test Pump Pneumatic 300 psi / 20 bar
P5513  Comparison Pressure Pump Pneumatic 3500 psi/220 bar
P5514  Comparison Pressure Test Pump Hydraulic 10000 psi/700 bar
P5514V  Comparison Pump Hydraulic, Viton Seals 10000 psi / 700 bar
P5514EP  Comparison Pump Hydraulic, Skydrol 10000 psi / 700 bar
P5515  Comparison Test Pump Hydraulic 20000 psi / 1400 bar
P5515V  Comparison Pump Hydraulic, Viton Seals 20000 psi / 1400 bar
P5515EP  Comparison Pump Hydraulic, Skydrol 20000 psi / 1400 bar
M3800C  Comparison Pressure Test Pump Hydraulic 60000 psi/4200 bar

Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Pump
Built-in pump for large volume applications and system priming.
High quality screw press for fine pressure control.
Acrylic reservoir for visibility of fluid level and quality.
Test port adapters that require no polytetrofluoroetheylene (PTFE) tape or wrenches.
Built-in drain plug for removal of old fluid.
Sturdy carrying case with lid.
Hydraulic comparison pumps are operational with a wide range of fluids*

* Fluid Media Both the P5515 and P5514 are designed for use with a wide range of fluids.
The standard O-ring seals are NitrileĀ®, VitonĀ® or Ethylene Propylene seals are available for use with
solvents, fuel oils, brake fluids or other similar aggressive fluids.

Pneumatic Pressure Comparison Pump
High pressure pneumatic operation
Screw press for fine pressure adjustments
High quality needle valves for fine control
Test port adapters which require no PTFE tape or wrenches
Sturdy carrying case with lid

Dual pressure/vacuum capability
Bench mount design
Built-in handpump as pressure/vacuum source
High quality needle valve for fine control
Test port adapters that require no PTFE tape or wrenches

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