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DB62-XX is a Precision Resistance Box. DEKABOX.
DB62-XX is a Precision Resistance Box. DEKABOX in-line Decade Resistor. Each of four different Models,
DB62-11k, DB62-111k, DB62-1M, & DB62-11M, provide six decade switches that allow 1,000,000 resistance values to be dialed.
Accuracy over a wide range of ambient conditions is assured by the use of resistors with good temperature and power characteristics.
Switches built with multiple contacts of solid silver-alloy ensure excellent repeatability of readings.

Precision Resistance Box. DEKABOX..

Model  Description 
DB62-XX  Precision Resistance Box.

Initial Accuracy..± (0.01% + 6mΩ)
Long-term Accuracy (2 years)... ± (0.02% + 6mΩ)
Decade Values starting at 0.01Ω /step up to 11.1111MΩ max value
Uses non-inductive resistor designs for AC or DC performance

APPLICATIONS: Serves DC through Audio Frequency applications as a resistance substitution box or as a calibration standard.


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