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This DC voltage meter is scaled 0-1500 VDC, in 100 volt increments, and will provide a 2/3 full scale deflection when applied across 1000 VDC.
The maximum current flow through the instrument at 1000 VDC is 0.05 milliampers.
The operators need not concern themselves with polarity, as the unit is not sensitive in that regard.
This is a lightweight, hand held meter.

High DC Voltage Meter

Model  Description 
50100-G-01  DC Voltmeter (0-2kV) w/30' cable, magnetic track adapter.
50100-G-02  DC Voltage Meter 0-2000V DC
50100-G-03  DC Voltage Meter 0-2000V with Hot Sticks
50100-G-04  DC Voltage Meter 0-2000V w/ext. probe; 10' ground lead
50100-G-05  DC Voltage Meter 0-2000V w/Lighted Dial; 10' ground lead, Hot Sticks
50100-G-06  DC Voltage Meter 0-2000V w/Lighted Dial
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