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DO9704 Data logger for pressure, flow rate and temperature measurements with 2 inputs, memory 512 Kbytes, storage of maximum, minimum and average value. RS232 C output.
The DO 9704 pressure, flow meter gauge and data logger has been designed for detecting pressure, flow rate and temperature, physical values which are very important in industrial and chemical processes.
The instrument has two inputs, and automatically recognizes the probes connected, whether they be pressure or temperature probes or turbines for measuring flow rate. As the probes are interchangeable, it is possible to choose the most suitable combination for all applications without having to recalibrate the instrument.

Datal logger for pressure, flow rate.

Model  Description 
DO 9704  Datalogger for pressure, flow rate measurements

Differential or relative pressure from 10 mbar to 2 bar for air or non corrosive gases.
Absolute and relative pressure from 0.2 bar to 1000 bar for measurements in contact with liquids or gases.
The measurement units are: bar, kPa, atm, mmHg, mmH2O and psi.
The instrument is able to detect peaks of around 5 milliseconds. Temperature: interchangeable probes are available with amplified Pt100 elements of the TP 870 series; the measurement may be in °C or °F.
Flow rate: Flow rate may be measured with a turbine in the range from 2 to 2000 liters per minute in the measurement units LPM (liters per minute) or IPGM (Imperial Gallons per Minute).

The DO 9704 pressure, flow meter operating principle of the pressure sensor is based on the bending of a membrane in a watertight chamber in contact with the flow of which you want to measure the pressure.
The flow may be liquid or gas. The flow rate measurement is based on the number of impulses or the frequency of a small fan.

DO9704 Pressure, Flow Meter Data Logger Characteristics and Applications
- RECORD function with display of the peak, minimum and mean value.
- Input A-B measurement function for pseudo differential measurements, pressure drops or flow rate with calibrated flanges.
- Relative measurement function with respect to a given instant.
- Zero correction function, especially useful for low pressures.
- Stores up to 30,000 measurements with date and time of measurement and programmable interval
from 1 sec. to 12 hours.
- Double display for simultaneous viewing of the two inputs.
- RS 232C serial output for a printer or for uploading data onto a PC.

Typical applications for this instrument are in the following sectors:
 - Hydraulics - Fluidodynamics - Chemical plants and process controls - Compressors - Pumping plants - Flow rate measurements - Chimney draught - Molding and presses for plastics and thermosetting materials - Level measurements

Inputs/type of measurement 2 / pressure, flow rate or temperature
Connector: DIN 45326 8-pole
No. conversions per second: 2
Working temperature: -5 ... +50°C
Working relative humidity: 0 ... 90° R.H. no condensation
Serial output: RS 232C, 300.19200 baud (galvanically insulated)
Display Double LCD 12.5mm
Functions: Auto Power Off, Autorange, Hold, Record, Peak (5ms), Minimum, Mean, Relative, A-B (differential) Memory: 512kB (FLASH) corr. To 30000 measurements Power supply 9V dc alkaline battery Autonomy: Approx. 50 hours (continuous duty) Weight/dimensions: 320 gr. / 215x73x38 mm

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