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DO9709 Portable dissolved oxygen data logger.
Dual LCD indication and symbols. Concentration of dissolved oxygen, saturation index of O2, temperature of O2 probe on input B. Atmospheric pressure compensation, salinity and temperature compensation. O2 + temperature probe on the input A, only temperature on the input B.
Storage of maximum, minimum and mean values, storage up to 30,000 readings.
Serial output RS232 C.

Portable dissolved oxygen data logger.

Model  Description 
DO9709  Portable dissolved oxygen data logger.

The DO 9709 Dissolved Oxygen Meter - Data Logger allows the measurement of the concentration (expressed in mg/l) of dissolved oxygen in liquids and of the saturation index (expressed in %), using a combined measurement of a polarographic type with two or three electrodes, and a temperature sensor inside the probe. Normally the instrument measures the partial pressure of the oxygen in the water, measuring the current generated by the polarographic probe.
The temperature sensor, contained in the oxygen probe, and the atmospheric pressure sensor housed inside the instrument allow calculation of the saturation index and of the oxygen concentration in the liquid being examined. The instrument contemplates automatic compensation of the membrane permeability, used in the oxygen probe, and of the salinity of the liquid being examined.
Temperature probes with a 4-wire Ptl00 sensor may be connected to the instruments, or active probes of series TP 870, for taking temperature measurements in the range from -50°C to +200°C:

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