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DO9847K Three channel multifunction data logger for Temperature, Relative Humidity and Temperature measurement. Sampling speed one per second each channel. Storage capacity 32000 samples per channel.
Simultaneous display of the measurements on three channels or two channels plus the difference between two channels. Calibration of the individual probes with permanent storage of the calibration data inside the probe, it is possible to change the probes without losing the calibration.

DO9847 Instrument Data Logger

Model  Description 
DO9847  DO 9847 Three channel Portable Multifunction Data Logger

The instrument allows the input of various types of probe of different physical magnitudes.
The software can be updated via RS232C, to implement new physical magnitudes, starting from version 2.0.
Platinum probes (25, 100, 500 Ω at 0 C), Thermocouples K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B probes, combined R.H. and temperature, pressure also barometric one, air speed, light, mV and mA probes can be connected through the SICRAM modules. Centesimal temperature measurements can be carried out by PRT sensors in the range: 200 +350 C, and decimal in the range +350 +850 C.
Storage capacity: 32.000 readings per input. Storage interval and printing can be confi gured between one second and 1 hour. RS232C serial output: from 300 up to 115.200 baud rate.

DO 9847 specifications

Relative Humidity 
Sensor  Mk-33 capacitive 
Typical capacity @30%RH  300pF± 40pF 
Probe temperature 
Working range  -40° C - +150° C / 0 - 100%R.H. 
Accuracy  ± 1%UR in the range 20…90%RH
± 2%UR in the range 10…99%RH
Resolution  0.1%RH 
Temperature drift @20° C  0.02%RH/° C 
%RH response time at constant temperature  10sec (10→80%RH; air speed=2m/s) 
Temperature sensor  Pt100 (100Ω @ 0° C) 
Working range -50° C - +200° C.
Accuracy  ± 0.1° C 
Resolution  0.1° C 
Temperature drift @20° C  0.003%/° C 

Pt100 sensor temperature probes.
Relative humidity and temperature combined probes.
Pressure Probes.
Probes for air speed measurements- Hot-wire probes - Vane probes - Pitot tube air speed probes.
Photometric / Radiometric Probes

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