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DO9861T Dual humidity and temperature transmitter for use on the field in a 122x120x57 housing for measuring the following values: temperature, relative humidity, dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio.
Dual LCD. Double output 4...20mA, parameters completely configurable. Temperature working range of RH sensor -40..+150°C. Standard configuration -30..+130°C. 3 wire passive transmitter or 5 wire active transmitter. Power supply 10...35Vdc passive, power supply 24Vac active, on request 230Vac.

Humidity transmitter

Model  Description 
DO9861T   Dual humidity and temperature transmitter

The transmitters measure Relative humidity (% RH), the sensor temperature (TC), and calculate the wet bulb temperature (WT), the dew point temperature (DP), the absolute humidity (gr/m3) and the mixing ratio (gr/kg - grams of water per kg of dry air).
The temperatures are express seed in degrees Celsius.
The measurements refer to an atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 mBar.
Once the physical quantity to be checked has been selected, the output current will be proportional and the status of the relays will depend on that variable.

Relative Humidity Input
Capacity 390...570 pF
Transducer energizing 10 kHz
Cable length <10 m multiple screen (about 2 nF) additional error about 0.003 pF/pF
Accuracy Instrument: 0.1% of reading ±1 digit ±0.01%/°C
Sensor: ±2.5% (5...90%), +3/-2.5% (90...98%)
Sensor work range -30...+130°C
During use, check that the sensor is compatible with the atmosphere used
Temperature Input
2/4 wires Pt100 -50...+199.9°C
Transducer energizing 0.5 mA DC
Cable length <10 m not screened
<50 m screened (about 5 nF)
Accuracy 0.2°C ±0.1% of reading ±0.01°C/°C
Output Current A and B
4.00...20.00 mA Dry bulb temperature -50.0...+199.9°C
Wet bulb temperature -50.0...+199.9°C
Dew point temperature -50.0...+199.9°C
Relative humidity 0.0...+100.0% RH
Absolute humidity 0.0...+1999 gr/m3
Mixing ratio 0.0...+1999 gr/Kg of air
Accuracy ±2.5% RH
0.5% of reading ±0.02 mA
Relay outputs
A and B Bistable exchange contacts 3 A/230 V ac potential free contact

DO9861TV1: Vertical fixed probe L=150 mm.
DO9861TO2: Horizontal probe L=350 mm, sliding joint.
DO9861TC1-2: Probe L=150 mm, cable L=2 meters.
DO9861TC2-5: Probe L=350 mm, sliding joint, cable L=5 meters.
DO9861TC2-10: Probe L=350 mm, sliding joint, cable L=10 meters.

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